Architectural Photography of the Great Court Restaurant by Softroom

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London-based Softroom were asked by Benugo restaurant group to redevelop the space beneath the glazed roof installed by Norman Foster over the Great Court of the British Museum renovated by Foster in 2000 and make better use of its location on a terrace overlooking the public plaza.

According to Softroom director Chris Bagot, “this was an important opportunity to create a relaxed and informal restaurant in one of London’s most visited public spaces … We were inspired by the colour and detail of the historic reading room, as well as by the more neutral foil of the Sir Norman Foster Great Court scheme.”

The brief called for a variety of spaces, so the architects separated the floor plan into areas with different degrees of privacy and views of food preparation. A new entrance aligned with the centre of the restaurant emphasises the Great Court’s symmetry. It’s counter is surrounded by high stools that provide the first of several possible eating places.

Materials were employed that reference the reading room, as well as the neutral tones of the Great Court, and introduced colour and texture through wooden furniture and teal-coloured upholstery. Further surface detailing is provided by flooring made from Salterworth limestone, silver glazed tiling and marble mosaic, which is laid in a pattern that radiates outwards from the round reading room.

Source: Dezeen

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London Architectural Photographer
London Architectural Photographer. 1 of 10.

British Museum Great Court Restaurant
British Museum Great Court Restaurant. 2 of 10.

Interior architectural photography
Interior architectural photography. 3 of 10.

Tables underneath canopy
Tables underneath canopy. 4 of 10.

Photograph including of Fosters glass ceiling
Photograph including of Fosters glass ceiling. 5 of 10.

Group area
Group area. 6 of 10.

Interior photograph of bar seating divide
Interior photograph of bar seating divide. 7 of 10.

Cafe space
Cafe space. 8 of 10.

View into Softroom restaurant
View into Softroom restaurant. 9 of 10.

Architectural photography of canopy and ceiling of Great Court
Architectural photography of canopy and ceiling of Great Court. 10 of 10.

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