Architectural Photography of Rosemary Works School by Aberrant Architecture

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The redesign of Rosemary Works School in Dalston involved a unique collaboration with the school directors, teachers, parents and pupils to develop a contemporary interior that borrows features from the building’s Edwardian heritage, which are appropriate for the school’s present unique needs, wants and resources.

The ten-month project began with a careful study of the building’s early 20th-century design heritage. The architects used the late-Edwardian technique of architectural ‘borrowing’, reinterpreting historical features to suit modern-day needs. For example, they translated the concept of the ‘reveal’ – a centrepiece popular in Edwardian rooms – into a series of nooks such as window seats that provide space for displaying pupils’ work and holding private meetings.

The practice were also inspired from the school’s unique location on Regent’s Canal, creating a fleet of mobile ‘canal barges’ that are dotted around the building. Made from plywood, these unusual structures serve as play areas for the children and feature chalkboard interiors that the teachers can decorate with information related to each week’s educational theme.

Winner of the Dulux Let’s Colour Award, 2015

Source: Elle Decoration

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London Architectural Photographer
London Architectural Photographer. 1 of 14.

Aberrant Architecture School in Dalston, London
Aberrant Architecture School in Dalston, London. 2 of 14.

Photograph of Rosemary Works playroom
Photograph of Rosemary Works playroom. 3 of 14.

Interior “bird houses” photography
Interior “bird houses” photography. 4 of 14.

Photograph of classroom with yellow colour scheme
Photograph of classroom with yellow colour scheme. 5 of 14.

Dark green corridor
Dark green corridor. 6 of 14.

View from the classroom
View from the classroom. 7 of 14.

Internal bathroom decoration
Internal bathroom decoration. 8 of 14.

Interior photography, London
Interior photography, London. 9 of 14.

Architectural pendant photography
Architectural pendant photography. 10 of 14.

Washroom area
Washroom area. 11 of 14.

Interior photography of bathroom entrance and corridor
Interior photography of bathroom entrance and corridor. 12 of 14.

Stairwell lighting sculpture photograph
Stairwell lighting sculpture photograph. 13 of 14.

Architectural photography in London
Architectural photography in London. 14 of 14.

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