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A beautiful private house and stair designed by Patrick Lewis Architects in Hampstead, North London. The detail and build quality of the stair in particular were pretty amazing.

A cooperatively sunny day and three very cooperative children made this an enjoyable shoot. These images will be appearing in the Sunday Times in the near future.


The main image, a multi-exposeure demonstrating the uses designed into the staircase:

Architectural Photographer London



Back of the stair detail:

Architectural Photographer London

Balustrade detail:

Architectural Photographer London
Looking up at the staircase from the ground floor:
Architectural Photographer London



Elevational view of the staircase. Technically a difficult shot, this is a stitch of two 5×4″ film negatives, the first showing the upper portion of the stair, the second the lower:

Architectural Photographer London



Wide view of the bespoke staircase.

Architectural Photographer London



Looking up through the staircase from the ground floor level.

Architectural Photographer London

Staircase at first floor level.Architectural Photographer London


These were shot on large format film, 5×4″ Fuji Pro 160NS, using the Toyo VX125b, with Schneider 58mm f5.6 Super-Angulon XL, Schneider 72mm f5.6 Super-Angulon XL, Rodenstock 135mm f5.6 Apo-Sironar-S.


Simon Kennedy is a London Architectural Photographer

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