Architectural photography of Hotel Expo by Haptic Architects

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The Hotel Expo makes sense of a set of inter-connecting spaces that provide a continuity of architectural themes and specific “installations” that define one space from the next. The main communal space of the hotel — the “big floor” — is subtly sub-divided into zones that define the lobby, from the restaurant/canteen to private dining, lounge/library and conference lobby. Norwegian forests are a primary inspiration, with timber used throughout in different ways to create semi-permeable screens, cladding to cores, a bespoke square-log reception and bar, right down to signage and loose furniture. The main lobby is framed by a ‘forest wall’, dividing the lobby from the restaurant and allowing glimpses between, filtering natural light from the skylight above. The lobby is a reception, waiting lounge, a communal dining and meeting point for guests. Subtle lighting is paired with planted trees, to animate light and shadow across the ceiling space and the lounge and library spaces are defined by a slender multi-purpose timber screen.

(Architectural photography completed over 1.5 days, all images copyright Simon Kennedy. If you wish to use any of these images for any purpose please email me at

Interior architectural photography
Interior architectural photography, 1 of 13

Photograph of main skylight and big floor entrance
Photograph of main skylight and big floor entrance. 2 of 13

Lobby timber and counter seating area
Lobby timber and counter seating area. 3 of 13

Interior photography of Hotel Expo Fornebu Norway, multi-use lobby
Hotel Expo Fornebu Norway, multi-use lobby, 4 of 13

Reception and waiting lounge
Reception and waiting lounge, 5 of 13

Articulated exhibition space
Articulated exhibition space, 6 of 13

View towards mezzanine seating area
View towards mezzanine seating area, 7 of 13

Glazed private meeting space
Glazed private meeting space, 8 of 13

Secluded meeting area articulated wall
Secluded meeting area articulated wall, 9 of 13

Conference suite
Conference suite, 10 of 13

Audio Visual work space
Audio Visual work space, 11 of 13

Architectural photographer, London
Architectural photographer, London, 12 of 13


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