Architectural photography of Chiswick Park by Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners

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A parkland forms the heart of Chiswick Park as an open public space that includes a performance area, lake and nature reserve. The award winning project offers 185,000m² of office space spread across 12 buildings, including a restaurant and bar. Buildings are standardised and constructed off-site. The office buildings contain highly flexible space that can be configured in open plan or cellular form. Central atria give views of the landscaped park and bring light into the centre of each building. Since 2007, Chiswick Park has been listed every year and is one of the UK’s 50 Best Workplaces.

(Architectural photography completed over 1.5 days, all images copyright Simon Kennedy. If you wish to use any of these images for any purpose please email me at

London architectural photographer
London architectural photographer, 1 of 9

Exterior photograph of building parkland
Exterior photograph of building parkland, 2 of 9

Chiswick Park building relationship
Chiswick Park building relationship, 3 of 9

Solar shading, Building 8
Solar shading, Building 8, 4 of 9

Steel frame solar blades
Steel frame solar blades, 5 of 9

Architectural photograph of construction detail of frame junction
Architectural photograph of construction detail of frame junction, 6 of 9

Interior photography showing view from entrance lobby
Interior photography showing view from entrance lobby, 7 of 9

View across lake and walk bridge
View across lake and walk bridge, 8 of 9

Landscape and terraced seating
Landscape and terraced seating, 9 of 9


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