Architectural Photography of Broadgate Circle Redevelopment by Arup Associates

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The Broadgate Circle has been transformed into a new Civic hub at the heart of the Broadgate Estate. The changes dramatically improve and enrich the retail, civic and social amenity at Broadgate, whilst enhancing the original qualities of the space. The project integrates multiple functions including civic space, performance and events space, restaurants, cafes and bars all united by clear and direct circulation routes.

Built in the late 1980’s, The Broadgate Circle attracts a wide range of visitors throughout the year, particularly during the winter months for its famous ice rink. It is a highly regarded urban space, occupying an area of 6700sqm, adjacent to Liverpool Street Station and attracts a wide range of visitors throughout the year. The recent alterations to the Circle have been proposed with a clear and concise rationale, and changes have dramatically enhanced the amenity and civic provision, whilst celebrating the original qualities of the Circle.

The Circle is one of the best examples of the travertine use in the UK. The architectural detail and workmanship of the stone with interfacing materials is exemplary. Bronze anodised aluminium and Siberian larch have been used to complement the travertine, and this simple and elegant materials palette enhances the elegance of the Circle’s form and geometry.

Nestled within the 54 travertine columns is the reconstructed first floor restaurant, which is completely open beneath. It is now a wider, triple aspect unit with commanding views over the Circle. The first floor cantilevers forwards and backwards from the columns, benefitting from a refined structural strategy which transfers the additional loads back to the original columns.

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Broadgate development, London, exterior photograph
Broadgate development, London, exterior photograph. 1 of 23.

Arup Associates Broadgate Circle development
Arup Associates Broadgate Circle development. 2 of 23.

Pedestrian walkway photograph, London City
Pedestrian walkway photograph, London City. 3 of 23.

Photograph of auditorium from terrace seating
Photograph of auditorium from terrace seating. 4 of 23.

Stone steps and timber soffit photograph
Stone steps and timber soffit photograph. 5 of 23.

Looking up through terracing
Looking up through terracing. 6 of 23.

Neighbouring buildings overlooking circle
Neighbouring buildings overlooking circle. 7 of 23.

Photograph of Broadgate Circle, London
Photograph of Broadgate Circle, London. 8 of 23.

Photograph showing the coloured lighting illuminating the walkways
Photograph showing the coloured lighting illuminating the walkways. 9 of 23.

London Architectural Photographer
London Architectural Photographer. 10 of 23.

Exterior dusk photograph
Exterior dusk photograph. 11 of 23.

Exterior photograph
Exterior photograph. 12 of 23.

Broadgate Circle architecture
Broadgate Circle architecture. 13 of 23.

Panoramic context
Panoramic context. 14 of 23.

Glazing and stone balustrade
Glazing and stone balustrade. 15 of 23.

Reconditioned stonework
Reconditioned stonework.16 of 23.

Photograph through internal glazing
Photograph through internal glazing. 17 of 23.

Glazed stairwell
Glazed stairwell. 18 of 23.

Event space panoramic photograph
Event space panoramic photograph. 19 of 23.

Evening at Broadgate Circle
Evening at Broadgate Circle. 20 of 23.

Late afternoon open bar spaces
Late afternoon open bar spaces. 21 of 23.

Existing civic architecture
Existing civic architecture. 22 of 23.

Architectural handrail detail photography
Architectural handrail detail photography. 23 of 23.

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