Architectural Photography in the Tate Modern Tanks – Ruairi Glynn’s Fearful Symmetry

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Architectural photography in the Tate Modern Tanks, of Ruairi Glynn’s Fearful Symmetry interactive installation.

From Ruairi’s website:

“What part of us, willingly projects life into things that in all common sense are not alive? In objects of all shapes and sizes, even the faintest expressions of purposeful behaviour can irresistibly bring them to life in the eye of the observer. In a world increasingly inhabited by artificially intelligent systems, contextually aware gadgets, sensory spaces and robotic agency, will our sense of our built environment as inert and lifeless change to one rich in synthetic personalities, and forms of artificial life? Bringing together Psychology research of the perception of animism, with Puppetry techniques, Interaction Design and Robotics – in 2012 an interactive installation titled “Fearful Symmetry” was exhibited at The Tanks gallery at Tate Modern exploring these ideas.”


A team of designers and consultants contributed to the project (also from Ruairi’s site):

Robotics – Vahid Aminzadeh (KCL) & Alex Zivanovic (Middx Uni)
Computer Vision – Paul Ferragut & George Profenza (UCL)
Mechanical Engineering – Neil (Spike) Melton (Middx Uni)
Sound Design – Emmett Glynn & Sam Conran
Light Engineering – Lianka Papakammenou (UCL)
Photography – Simon Kennedy
Puppetry Consultant – Ronnie Le Drew
Graphic Design – Amy Lewis
Filming – Ronan Glynn
Communication – Ollie Palmer (UCL) & Diony Kypraiou (UCL)
Fabrication Assistant – Djorn Fevrier
Thanks also Ryan Mehanna, Frank Glynn, Stephen Gage, and Ranulph Glanville

(Architectural photography completed over 1.5 days, all images copyright Simon Kennedy. If you wish to use any of these images for any purpose please email me at


001 Constructing the robot in a north London warehouse

constructing robot north london


002 The team working on the robot

team robot in warehouse


003 Ruairi Glynn and “Fearful Symmetry”
ruairi glynn fearful symmetry-


004 Architectural Photographer
Architectural Photographer


005 Tate Modern Tanks
Tate Modern Tanks


006 The public interacts with the installation
The public interacts with the installation


007 The robot hovers
The robot hovers


008 Children dancing with the installation
children dancing with installation


009 Children dancing with the robot
Children dancing with the robot


010 The robot “draws” in light
The robot "draws" in light


011 Interior architectural photography
Interior architectural photography


012 The Tate Modern Tanks architecture
The Tate Modern Tanks architecture


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