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Hyper Studio - Dark Matter

This film show  “Dark Matter” by the very talented @hyper_architecture …

This highly sustainable intervention into a mature private garden manages to utilise 95% of an existing outbuilding – “reusing lintels, block work and roof timbers was key in keeping to the budget but also being ecological by limiting what went to landfill.”

Amazingly, the existing building roof structure was carefully dismantled and reused in its entirety. Other materials that were not used in Dark Matter became part of other local Hyper Architecture projects…

The facade features 850 charred larch “scales” – these are designed to create habitats for spiders and insects. The scales display subtle differences, created by controlling the heat used to form the char. The surface of the scales sometimes appear lightly touched by the flame, and sometimes they have a deeply charred, cracked appearance.

The plan of the studio is a simple rectangle with a corner cut away to form the entrance, itself consisting of an oversize pivoting door. The interior is clad in poplar ply, and features beautiful “light chimneys”, whose perforated cheeks modulate light to resemble the dappled effect created by a forest canopy.

The structure sits beautifully within the beautiful walled garden that features some amazing Japanese maples.

This one already has a commendation in the RIBA awards and is likely to do rather well…

Looking forward to seeing more from this amazing practice.

Architectural Photography and videography completed over one day. All images copyright Simon Kennedy, London Architectural Photographer.